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Training...definitely easier done than said

Since February 2008 I've been researching and trying out various training techniques to try and find a good training plan which works for me. Since that time my results and ability have definitely improved in small increments and I feel like I'm making progress, although coming up with a consistant, effective and thorough training plan is proving to be a lot harder than I thought, to the point where I am still trying to come up with an effective base month that I can work from.

However, I do currently have a training plan which you can take a look at. It may not look much but I need to start small and work on a solid base as my previous attempts at training plans have proven to be either too ambitious or have not contained good quality training sessions. I feel that by starting again with the basics and building it up from there I can come up with a good training plan that not only works for me, but it fits into the hours I've got available and most importantly it shows progress through consistant improvement year on year in my race results. I'm entering my second year of training and racing and I'm aiming to show consistancy through my training and my racing.

I've always assumed that I eat reasonably well and that helps me when I train. It's time to find out if that is the case. Over the next three months I'll document everything I eat on a daily basis and then comment on how I feel that day, generally, as well as during and after training. Friends who have done this before tell me it is very revealing so we shall see. Hopefully this analysis will help improve the intensity of my training and improve the speed of my recovery.