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My current approach to training...

This is my current training plan as of 7th August 2009. Hopefully this should get me into good shape for Dusk 'til Dawn and the Hope and Winter Series. It does not follow a set training plan other than my own and it's based on what I've read over the last couple of years and what I think is achievable for me, given how much free time I have now that I'm also working harder to achieve some career goals.

The answers to the questions you're probably asking yourself about now are, "Yes, I got a great deal of satisfaction from creating that chart and it will no doubt continue to give the anal geeky side of me immense satisfaction colouring it in over the coming weeks" and "If I don't have a chart showing what I've been upto I find it hard to see exactly when things are going wrong and the more I fill it in, the more motivated I think it will make me, hopefully making me train even harder".

On the days where I have two training sessions, session one is before 9am, session 2 is after 5:30pm.

Ride 45 minutes, 80% HR Max (60% if raced on the previous Sunday)

Full body workout
Abs, core stability

Ride 90 minutes, 80% HR Max, 1 minute intervals for 30 minutes seated\standing


Ride 90 minutes, 60% HR Max, 1 minute intervals 70% / 90% HR Max sprints for 30 minutes

Full body workout
Abs, core stability

Ride 45 minutes, 80% HR Max

Rest day

Race day or 4 hour ride

Weekly overview of training based on the days listed above. Hopefully there will be no red squares by the end of week 12.

Completed training
Rest day
Missed training

base 10th August 2009 week 1 1 2
17th August 2009 week 2 3
24th August 2009 week 3
31st August 2009 week 4 4
build 7th September 2009 week 5
14th September 2009 week 6
21st September 2009 week 7
28th September 2009 week 8
peak 5th October 2009 week 9
12th October 2009 week 10
19th October 2009 week 11
26th October 2009 week 12

1 - Switched training and rest day around as I was collecting Jess from the airport. Training for this day was shifted to the following day (Wednesday).
2 - A gentle jog along the beach for 45 minutes as a recovery session with Jess.
3 - My birthday so I took the day off and made the training up on the Saturday of that week which is usually a rest day.
4 - 4 hour training session in Grizedale Forest making up for the rest day on the Sunday (day before).