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Merida Brass Monkeys 2011-2012 Winter Enduro Series

Round 3

Sunday 22nd January 2012

Race Organisors

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Official photos by Joolze Dymond

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Race Organisor's point of view

Round One
Well that was a challenge initially due to some last minute land changes which almost resulted in Round One being cancelled, some tough talking ensued and Porridge Hill came into the frame, good job Iím in the Army! The weather was kind to us at Porridgepot hill which is a familiar and popular venue with Gorrick and the Armys AYTE, so all I had to do was come up with a different cse which was exciting and challenging and by the sounds of it Mission Accomplished!! Someone said it was better than AYTE, Grrrrr.

Round Two
Was a totally different story, as last years series was hindered at Ash by the forestry works, but we vowed to come up with a great cse this year, alot of planning and work went in from Paul, Clive and me getting it all ready for you, we spent alot of time, Digging, blowing, raking, scraping amongst other things, shovelling ice, which to all our disgust the snow decided to melt the night before the race, which meant a lot of last minute marking so you could find your way, as my snow blown route was gone, it could have been carnage! Great English weather! By the sounds of it you were all happy with the course and hopefully lived up to your expectations.

Round Three
Parkhurst Hill what a head ache, as your comments from last year demanded it to be yet again the best course of the series. So again a lot of exploring, riding to come up with a different course from last year and hopefully I have achieved it! We will see, again a lot of work has gone in to it and more to do. With 1000ft of climbing per lap it certainly is a challenging course, not for the weak!

The hours I and others ,which goes into weeks have spent getting all the courseís ready for the series is off the scale along with a lot of Blood sweat and sometimes tears, Itís a good job that we have the time and energy to put into this series to make it as popular as it is. Enjoy!

The thig is I love it! All the challenges of course design and building along with putting on a great event I hope, Cheers!!!

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