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Whyte Winter Series 2010-2011

Round 4

Sunday 27th February 2011

Race Organisors

Thetford MTB Racing

Race Results

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Official TimeLaps results
Just for fun, we have the series points for most categories, drawn up by Dave McNae, a regular race reporter

Race photos

Photos from Dave Franciosy
Photos from TinyBolt
Photos from RandomOldBloke
A couple of presentation photos from Revel Outdoors
A set of photos from JT Cycles, free copies are available, details via the link!

Race videos

Video of the start and first corner crash from MadPat
Video of the gnarly singletrack from MadPat
Video of the slog uphill from MadPat
Video of the 'son of beast' from MadPat

Race reports

If anyone would like to add their race report then please get in touch via the 'Contact Me' link at the foot of the page.

Photo report by

Michael Mallett - Thetford MTB Racing/Bike Art - 2 Hour Solo Male - #301 - Finished 71st (round 1: 33rd, round 2: 34th, round 3: 27th, series: 31st)

A big thank you to paul at bike art for the repair on my frame :D

The start of the 2 hour race was a bit hit and miss and I found myself behind a crash which i had to stop for the rider next to me slowed lost balance and put his foot down unfortunately for me onto my chainstay seporating the carbon/aluminium join >:/ (my thoughts at the time were not good) anyway i gave the broken parts to paul (top man) and now all is good with the Racer X :)

Oh and just because i could i got my other bike out dry weather set up and 25 minuites into the race continued and still achieved 4 laps and 71 st position :O

Oh yes did i say thank you to BIKE ART

Darren Styles - 2 Hour Solo Male - #366 - Finished 34th (round 1:32nd, round 3: 32nd, series: 32nd)

After a day of heavy rain, and riding the course on the Friday before, I have to say I was expecting the worst, but come race day, a clear breezy night and a bright sunny morning combined, to make for a nice clear day. After spending a few minutes checking the gridding pens, and seeing how tight the first piece of singletrack would be, I made sure I did my warm up and got to the start early, to get as close to the front as possible.

At the start all hell broke loose, 2 riders in front of me collided, someone from behind came past with elbows out and we hadn't gone more than 25 feet! As I picked my way through I found a gap and got going, only to come across another pile up, so that was 2 stops within 100 feet of the start, once clear though, I got my head down and made progress along the long fire road sections, the first lap went well for me, and seemed to pass really quickly, I then settled into a nice pace, making sure each time I had plenty in my legs to get up the "Double Shocker" and use them to get me ahead of riders who were struggling up it.

My race was pretty un eventful really, the first 3 laps went by without incident, but by 4 miles in on lap 4 I was starting to hurt, The "Mower trail" turned into a nightmare for me as I managed to make a right mess of it (not concentrating), and the drag up to the finish seemed to go on forever! At the finish I was greeted by a mate who informed me I had finished in 34th in the 2 hour race (18-39).

All things considered, I am happy with how the winter series has gone for me, seeing as I only started Winter 2008 I can see how much I have improved, and now I will be training hard for the Summer races, and anything else I can get past the wife! Thanks to Paul and his team who put these events on, and for all those people who stand out there in all weathers marshalling/cheering/supporting and hurling abuse. Thanks to Si for letting us clog up his site with race reports too! [The more the merrier! - Si]

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