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1st Gear Cycles Rampage 2011

Round 1

Sunday 27th February 2011

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Reading All Terrain Mountain Bike Club

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Report by

Matt Craner #29 - Beyond Mountain Bikes/WDMBC/RRP/Specialized - Veteran Male - Finished 4th

So the season is slowly gathering speed with a lot of people trying to get some speed in their legs ready for first National point series race at the end of March up at Sherwood Pines. Today saw some racing at Checkendon (just NE of Reading) as part of the first in the Rampage series (which also brings some National ranking points).

The course is a relentless 2.5 mile loop of twisty singletrack. A sensible lead in double track allowed for people to jostle for those early placings before in turns into the woodland for a single-track turn-fest that never lets up. The course had held up to the recent rain but needless to say there was a bit of mud but all 100% rideable. The slick turns added another dimension to the course as the potential to wash out and lose valuable seconds was always a high possibility and required a lot of trail focus to constantly get your line right. For those that wished it the whole course is big-ring material and there is no let up or opportunity to coast - definitely a great work out and a lot of fun!

Three other WDMBC riders were out for today event - Rob Jackson (Grand vet), Martin Turton (Junior) and myself (Veteran). The format involves pretty much Grand Vet, Veteran and Youth all heading out at the same time for 4 laps (GV) and 5 (vet and Junior). With lap times at about 13-15min it was fast and furious racing. Rob Jackson was riding very strong and dominated the race from the start and pulled in a sweet first placing - big grats! Martin and I rode hard often seeing each other as the course twisted and turned and both pulled in a very respectable 4th position's in our respective classes. I made the mistake of not chasing down a rider thinking he was in a different class. Duh! However, my legs were getting increasingly cooked by the relentless pace.

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