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Whyte Winter Series 2010-2011

Round 2

Sunday 5th December 2010

Race Organisors

Thetford MTB Racing

Race Results

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Race reports

David McNae - 2 Hour Solo Male - #386 - Finished 94th (round 1:106th)

Before the race

Being race number 2 I had a slightly better idea of what to expect this time around, however I had just come back from a weekís all inclusive holiday in Egypt where I had eaten my weight three times over, so I was by no means more prepped that the last!

Arriving a good hour and half before the race start I had plenty of time to check over my bike and make sure every thing was in good working order. My problems with my seat post were fixed but I had not had the chance to get any new rubber so was still rolling on the Spesh Fasttracks which are not too good in the sloppy stuff!

During the Race

I headed over to the gates nice and early and got close to the front but didnít want to be too close as didnít want to hinder any of the faster riders when we got to the first part of the single track.

Whistle goes and we are off, a lot of the guys head off at speed and in my head im telling myself to let them go but my legs donít stop and I canít help but try and keep up with them! I do my best but start dropping back slowly but making sure not to hold any one up when ever possible. As this is the first lap the ground was still rather hard so was having no problems with traction. Come to the first of 3 hills and oh how I hate hills!! Not exactly steep or long, but just really seemed to take it out of your legs as you spin up there! Normally after an up you get a good down, not with this hill! Along some more lovely flowing single track and next up comes the grassy hill. At least with this one you are congratulated with a nice downhill single track, the plumb buster!! But it has a sharpish right hand right at the bottom that can catch you off guard!

A little further and itís the final climb upto the start finish, one of those climbs that feels like your never going to get to the top!

Lap 1 in 00:42:50, positioned 88th.

Lap 2, things are starting to get a bit more sloppy now, there was a part of the track that ran parallel with the road and had many whoops along it, fun to ride but with the mud getting deeper was getting harder to keep in a straight line! Feeling like I had burnt myself out on the first lap trying to keep up with the top guns, I sucked down some gels and just got my head down, only interested in finishing now!

Finished lap 2 at 01:28:06, positioned 92nd.

Lap 3, legs are getting tired now, breathing in this cold climate becomes almost painful at times. The snow was holding off but it was bloody cold. The course now pretty much mud every where mad the climbs even harder to get up as I started to loose traction every where. The whoops I spoke about earlier had me off as the mud was just too deep for my Spesh tyres and I feel into a bush causing my left SPD to become full of mud! Crossed the line and was very happy to have finished in 2hrs 20mins, 10 mins faster than the last round although I know being a different course etc canít really compare them.

Finished lap 3 and the race at 02:20:00, positioned 94th.

Things to change

I really need to get out more if I want to have any hope in hell in improving my times, its just so difficult with working shifts, having a family, a love life and a life! But enough whinging, just suck it up and get out there!! Have now bought some Mud X and Rocket Rons so will have to see how they feel in the sloppy mud ready for Round 3!

Peter Clements - 2 Hour Solo Male - #339 - Finished 66th

You can read Peter's report over on the TIMBER site, click here to read it now.

Luke Diamand - 4 Hour Solo Vet Male - #135 - Finished 21st

As ever, a lovely fast course round Brandon Country Park, with most of the white stuff long gone by the start. Really enjoyed it, especially the gentle snow falling in the fifth lap. Had a flat tyre half way through, but just carried on, increasingly flaccid, and walked the final climb before the finish. Still got an OK result though (for an old duffer).

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