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Gorrick Autumn Classic 2010, Round 2

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Andrew Petrie - Open Male - #610 - Finished 30th

This was my first proper race too !! I entered the 1st autumn classic but had to pull out after lap 1 with a pulled muscle on my back which I somehow jarred on my warm up lap, doh !! It was muddy as hell and I kind of regretted changing to slightly less knobbly continental race king tyres but I really enjoyed it and can't wait for my next race, whenever that'll be. I entered the open category and started from the back as my warm up lap finished about 30 sec before the race start and was genuinly chuffed to have overtaken people. According to silanc's posting above, i overtook 13 people in total and came in 30th !! Mega chuffed at that. I was really taken aback about just how fast some people's laps were and equally surprised at how slow some people were on the flat singletrack stuff. definitely saving up for a nice light hardtail mtn bike now for next season.....

Steve Weeks - Open Male - #614 - Finished 39th

Steve's Garmin Connect file

Photo taken by Joolze

I always seem to look in pain on these events !!!! I guess that tells the story in itself.

Todays was an epic battle of wills in Crowthorne woods, to be honest i wanted to throw my hand in after end of lap 1, but managed to make it to the end of 3rd lap and completed the course. Been down with some flu and coughing so not trained for nearly a fortnight, but thought i'd give it a whirl. Some of the old favourite sections like the corkscrew were in use and the trail and terrain was close to the same as myself, Crust and Mark J did earlier in the year with some minor variations. Muddy, wet, deep, soft,sandy.... it was hell out there.

Managed a couple of things i've not done before, like the entrance into the corkscrew, there's 1 biggy and a smaller one 20m to the right, we always take the smaller one, but race route was the biggy, so i dropped in. I'd guess it's 7' pretty much vertical drop which for me is a bit on the wrong ******* side of LARGE... but managed it on all 3 laps without too many issues or worries.

The course was the best i've ridden with Gorrick, was pretty impressed. Apart from a couple of minor boggy bits and 2 stupid little hills with tree stumps at the top i couldn't get up without walking it was a very flowing nice route.

As usual, my finishing position was indeed close to the back of the field... but i gave all i had and as you can see from heart rate, i tried hard. Lap 3 was a killer and i was finished... but plodded on best i could and got round. It always astounds me how people can actually go so much quicker than i can. Hell, if you look at the times, i was even beaten by 3 x 12 year old girls !!!!! HAhahahahahahaaa

As usual.... a top day

Beer and curry time

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