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Lap By Lap

After a race and when I'm back in the relative safety of my sofa, like everyone else my mind is constantly repeating the race over and over, considering the outcome, what went well, what didn't work out as well as was expected and how my performance could be improved for the next race. As soon as the race results are posted I'm pouring over them, looking for some hidden meaning to my lap times which I can reflect in my training or preparation for race day, and inevitably looking to see who had the fastest lap and trying to work out if through the course of the race I was actually getting faster as the race progressed and moving up the rankings, or I'd hit the wall and was desperate for the race to finish so I could hang on to a decent position!

I have analysed some race results to find out exactly this information and you can see the results by clicking on the links below. I hope you find it interesting and maybe it will highlight something that you can focus your training on and improve your performance next time you race. If you have any ideas then drop me a message and let me know. Maybe I can crunch the numbers and give you some answers.