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Sierra Nevada National Park to the coast, Spain, 2006

Saturday: Departures and Arrivals

Left for flight at 6:30am, buggered about trying on far too much aftershave in the airport-now smell like a keen frenchman, bought breakfast for a tenner then realised everyone was onboard waiting for us (we took ages getting the bikes booked in and paid for) - last people on plane and more importantly only ate half of one sausage (we should have got the breakfasts liquidised as I suggested)....bugger. Arrived about 1:30pm and met the group, James from London, Theresa from London and Aaron and Leslie, a married couple from the US who, after we went into lengthy detail about having missed breakfast, tell us they've been travelling for nearly 24 hours including two flights with Iberia who don't serve meals on their planes - thought it best to shut up at this point, fell asleep on transfer to Hotel.

Arrived, checked in and got bikes unpacked, everything in one piece, got bikes set up, did wheelies etc - ace. Went for trip around the Alhambra, four Moorish palaces overlooking Granada - amazing, spent four hours there and could have easily gone back and spent the next day there too. Had beers, went for meal to a 'locals' restaurant - amazing food, a Dutch lady taught me the spanish for vibrator (and no I didn't bring the subject up). Had an upset stomach all day so kept the bathroom busy all night much to my room mates displeasure.

Listening to the recorded message telling me what I'm looking at in the Alhambra, lets listen in...
Announcer: This palace, one of four palaces within the Alhambra, contains the Koran in entirety on it's walls without repetition or any gaps and that is the gayest stance I've ever seen

The views from the Alhambra were fantastic. You could see the city and cathedral of Granada, stunning views over the plains to the mountains as well as bad haircuts and terrible catalogue poses. Theresa is behind me in the green top with the black strap, Aaron and Leslie can just be seen at the edge of the picture. The highest point on the mountain range behind me was Vuelta (which sit's in front of Mulhacen, which we would be climbing and has the 2nd highest road pass in Europe crossing it) and we would be heading there in the morning

I could have spent another day wandering around, it's an amazing place

The picture on the left is of one of the courtyards in the Alhambra. The picture on the right has had 25% more Wils added.

The 'Summer' Palace, one of the four palaces inside the Alhambra...taken from, er, one of the other palaces in the Alhambra. As you can see I really soaked up the knowledge.

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